Server Rules

Our mission is to provide a fun and immersive environment for everyone. Below you will find a list of server rules and guidelines that will help us achieve the environment we strive for.


It is the player's responsibility to keep up to date on these rules and guidelines,  as they are subject to change as the server moves through development.

Player Reporting

If you are made aware of another player breaking any of the rules or guidelines below, please notify a staff member immediately through the in-game /report command or  #player-reports channel on our Discord.


If it is an issue that involves roleplay, please do not break character. Proceed with the role play and make the report when you are finished, so immersion is not broken further. We may ask for any evidence you have of the incident, such as screenshots, chat audio, or video recording.

If there is an incident involving a member of our staff, please utilize the #player-reports channel on our Discord. It will be reviewed by the lead staff members and will be investigated appropriately. We fully expect our staff to hold themselves to the highest standards, both in-character and out-of-character.

Useful Terminology

1. Metagaming: This is the use of utilizing out-of-character (OOC) knowledge or information that a character would have no in-character (IC) knowledge of or the ability to obtain. This includes any out-of-character chat, video streaming services, or any other communication that is not in-character.

2. Powergaming: This is the act of forcing or gaining an unrealistic, unfair, or impossible action over another player without giving them an opportunity to interact, defend, or escape the situation.

3. Fear Role Play: It is critical that you value your character's life at all times, as this can make or break a roleplay scenario. You should be in fear when presented with something that would potentially put your life at risk, such as driving erratically, having a gun pointed at you, being threatened by a group of gang members, etc. Your goal is to stay alive!

3. Fail Role Play: This is generally an action that is not realistic or possible for your character to be able to do.

4. Low Effort Role Play: All players are expected to put effort into their roleplay scenarios. Players should not constantly be involved in low effort situations, such as getting into a police chase for a minor crime, constantly robbing other players, unnecessarily killing another player (i.e. killing a compliant player that you kidnapped), etc.

5. New Life Rule: When your character is downed or knocked out you will have two options to choose from. You can be revived by the EMS (if online). Depending on the situation, you will remember the events leading up to being knocked down. However, good judgment should be used on what is and isn't remembered (e.g. hit over the head). If you respawn, you are dead. You will not remember any of the individuals, events, or incidents that led to the cause of your death and you can not engage back into that roleplay scenario.

6. Permadeath: This is the act of permanently ending the life of your character. This is a voluntary action and no one can force a player's character to be killed off permanently unless it is agreed upon through out-of-character discussion prior to the events leading up to the character's death. However, characters that are involved in excessive amounts of serious crimes may end up being given the death sentence by the judicial system (i.e. mass murderer caught by the police). You must inform a staff member if you plan to permanently kill your character.

7. Combat Logging: This is when a player logs out in the middle of a "combat" scenario, such as fights, police chases, kidnapping, etc to avoid being involved with the situation.



8. Our most important rule is maintaining respect for all players and staff. Derogatory remarks, racial slurs, or comments directed to others regarding race, gender, religion, disabilities, or sexual orientation will not be tolerated. We will not tolerate any disrespect towards another individual out-of-character. Never bring in-character drama to out-of-character.

9. You must have and use a microphone while on the server. If you need help getting it working please find a Community Helper or Moderator in our Discord. They will happily help you with getting it working!

10. You must be able to understand and effectively communicate English and use it as your primary language. However, you are allowed to incorporate other languages with your character.

11. You must be a member of our Discord channel. It is encouraged you are active in it when you are on the server. Announcements and other important information will be posted here.​

12. You must remain in-character at all times while on the server. This includes any form of voice or text communication. At times, a staff member may address you out-of-character to address issues or concerns. This is the only time it will be acceptable to be out-of-character while on the server.

13. Any form of third party communication is not permitted, this includes things such as using voice chat in programs like Discord, Skype, etc. All communication must be done in-game through regular voice chat, the cell phone, or radio.


14. Your character should have an original and realistic first and last name. The use of offensive, famous, or otherwise low-quality names are not allowed.

15. New characters should plan for long term growth in the server. You should not join the server and immediately expect to be a crime lord that runs the city.

16. Players are encouraged to have a healthy balance of legal and illegal activities. You should not be engaging in illegal activities all the time.

17. Scenarios involving racism, severe torture, rape, sexual harassment, extreme terrorism, or suicide are not permitted.

18. Your clothing should be a valid clothing slot and not have any checkered or invisible textures.

19. Citizens are not permitted to wear any law enforcement, emergency medical service, fire department, or other whitelisted job apparel unless they are actively on duty with their respective role(s).

20. Your characters are not able to have or obtain detailed knowledge of your other character's interactions. You may only have a general knowledge of another character's existence or general storyline. You may also not transfer anything between your characters without staff approval.

Violence / Committing Crimes / Vehicles

21. Players should use good judgment when committing crimes. You must have shout enabled and announce yourself to police when confronted. This also includes not abusing the ability to commit crimes if no police are on the server. You should always act as if there is a high presence of police around and not intentionally seek the attention of law enforcement.

22. Random deathmatching (RDM) and vehicle deathmatching (VDM) are not permitted. You are expected to engage in a roleplay scenario before attempting to shoot, attack, kill, or hit someone with a vehicle.

23. Players should operate vehicles realistically at all times. Things to avoid include extreme speeds, driving inside or on buildings, unrealistic stunting, and/or driving off of high places (cliffs, bridges, etc).

24. Players committing crimes towards other players should do so in a reasonable fashion. There should never be excessive amounts of kidnapping, mugging, or assaults without a good roleplay reason or prior events that would lead up to one of these scenarios.

25. If another player committing a crime and is masked or covering their face and attempting to hide their identity, you should assume you do not know the character's identity.

26. Emergency vehicles are not allowed to be stolen by citizens unless high-quality role play is initiated to have such a scenario unfold.

27. For jobs that offer work vehicles, players must utilize them while they are actively working that job. Players are allowed to buy their own job vehicles and upgrade them as they like, but it must be the same vehicle provided by the job.

28. The criminal activities listed below may only have a maximum of 4 criminal players involved with the scenario, but this number does not include hostages. If the hostage(s) will exceed the 4 criminal limits, then the hostages are not allowed to be acting as hostages but are actually apart of the criminal group.

  • Business Robberies

  • Player Mugging

  • Heists

  • Kidnapping

  • Hostage Situations


29. Advertising and/or soliciting of other servers or services is not permitted and will result in immediate removal from the community. This also includes soliciting members of our community or staff.

Exploiting / Bug Abusing

30. There is a zero-tolerance policy for intentional exploiting or bug abusing of any server or client functions. If you come across an exploit or bug abuse you are required to report it to server staff immediately through the #bug-reports channel on Discord with details of the incident.


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