New Citizen Guide

Welcome to San Andreas!

You just arrived at the subway station near downtown Los Santos. After a much-needed change of pace from your last city, you're ready to start fresh! On your first arrival to the city, you will start at the character selection screen. Select the first character slot and let's get your first character created.

You will be prompted with registration and character skin menu. Create a thoughtful and meaningful character name, date of birth, and height (in inches). You can then adjust your character's skin or select an NPC model to use via the "model" option. You can always change the appearance of your character at the plastic surgeon. After you have created your character you are ready to face this new city. But first, let's get familiar with how to interact with the world.

Basic Controls

Below are the basic controls and commands to get you started. It is recommended that you use a keyboard and mouse for the best experience. Controllers are optimized and functional to use for general movement and control of your character, but will not be suitable for advanced controls, commands, and interactions.

Player Controls

U - Cell Phone

X - Hands Up

B - Point
N - Push-To-Talk

M - Radio Push-To-Talk

Z - Clear Animation

Y - Tackle

Shift + K - Toggle Ragdoll Mode

Page Up - Crouch Animation

Page Down - Prone Animation

F1 - Adjust Voice Proximity

F2 - Player Inventory
F3 - Emote Menu

F5 - Interaction Menu

F6 - Job Menu (If Applicable)

F7 - Invoices & Billing

F9 - Clothing & Accessory Menu

/me [text] - Text that shows a players action or state.

/ad [message] - Sends a public advertisement that all players can see.

/carry - Carries a nearby player or releases your character from being carried.

/e [emote] - Plays the specified emote.

/emotemenu - Opens the emote menu.

/freecam - Opens the freecam options for taking pictures/videos.

/notes - Opens a notepad if you have the item in your inventory.

/report [message] - Sends a private message to all online staff members.

/simcard [number] - Changes your phone to the specified # if you have the sim card item.

/walk [style] - Changes your character's walking style.

Vehicle Controls & Commands

F - Enter/Exit Vehicle

L - Lock/Unlock Player Owned Vehicle

Y - Toggle Seat Belt

H - Access Vehicle Trunk (Outside Vehicle)

G - Access Vehicle Glovebox (Inside Vehicle)

E - Horn

K - Speed Limiter

= - Right Indicator

- - Left Indicator

Backspace - Hazard Lights

Hold F - Exit Vehicle & Leave Engine On/Door Open

Numpad 9 - Toggle Traction Control (Use LSHIFT To Use)

/hood - Opens the hood of nearby vehicle or vehicle you are in.

/shuff - Switches sweats inside a vehicle.

/trunk - Opens the trunk of nearby vehicle or vehicle you are in.

/transfervehicle [id] [licenseplate] - Transfers owned vehicle to the designated player.


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