Thank you to our contributors.

Below you will find a list of individuals, teams, and groups who helped create some of the content in our FiveM server. We encourage the members of our community to support them!

Visual Graphic Packs

Core Roleplay Visuals #1 - Kimmi Visuals™

Core Roleplay Visuals #2 - Kimmi Visuals™

Core Roleplay Visuals #3 - Kimmi Visuals™
Core Roleplay Visuals #4 - Kimmi Visuals™

Vehicle Liveries

Los Santos Police Department Vehicle Liveries - TheDanzar

Blaine County Sheriff Office Vehicle Liveries - TheDanzar

San Andreas State Police Vehicle Liveries - TheDanzar

San Andreas Fire & Rescue Liveries - TheDanzar

Vehicle Models

1998 Toyota Supra - AlexHIT

2017 Chevrolet Camaro RS - RAZ3R_BLAD3

2017 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 - RAZ3R_BLAD3

Bravado Rumpo (Mapped) - TheF3nt0n
Bravado Rumpo Box Truck - TheF3nt0n
Brute Boxville (Mapped) - TheF3nt0n
Brute Roadkiller - TheF3nt0n

Dinka Ventoso - Vanillaworks Team & Community

Foodworks: Food Delivery Pack - TheF3nt0n
Jobuilt Juggernaut - TheF3nt0n
Jobuilt Longpath T1000 - TheF3nt0n

Maibatsu Mule Recovery - TheF3nt0n

Nagasaki Kart - Vanillaworks Team

Vapid Sadler Retro Crew Cab Utility - Bob322 & Carrythxd

Vapid Speedo (Mapped) - TheF3nt0n
Vapid Speedo Cutaway - TheF3nt0n
Vapid Speedo Express Police Transporter - TheF3nt0n
Vapid Speedo Express - TheF3nt0n
Vapid Speedo Ambulance - TheF3nt0n
Vapid Steed 1500 - TheF3nt0n
Zirconium Journey (Mapped) - TheF3nt0n


Community Mission Row PD - SLB2k11

Legion Hotdog Stand Interior - Bamboozled

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