NOTICE: We have enabled our soft Discord whitelist system, which means you must be a member of our Discord to connect to the server. When we transition to our hard whitelist system new players will have to go through an application and interview process, so join today and you will be able to skip that phase!


Core Roleplay is a new serious roleplay server in Grand Theft Auto V based in North America and using the FiveM modification. We are currently in public beta development, so things are changing frequently as we move forward in the development process. Our goal is to have a fun and immersive environment for all of our players, with rich character stories and enjoyable features. Start your story today!

Whether you want to be a criminal pursuing illegal activities, an honest police officer protecting the community, or just an everyday citizen just trying to make a living; we have a place for everyone in our growing city.

Check out our application section for special whitelisted jobs, as well as our staff application. We are always looking for new players to bring quality role play to these positions.

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